Custom sublimation lanyards

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Personalized lanyards are one of the essential items at any type of fair or congress, as well as being one of the advertising products par excellence. Apart from promoting a brand or a logo, it identifies who is wearing it and provides the touch of category that allows you to make a difference.
Faithful offers two possible types of marking with which you can reflect the message you want to convey with the best quality and definition on the market.

Specialists in personnel accreditation products

Accessories for custom lanyards

Sliding balls

Non-transferable closures

Sublimated lanyards

The lanyard is one of the most representative items of our brand. We are direct manufacturers and we carry out each and every step of production in our own facilities, from customizing the ribbon to cutting and making it.

We offer different fabrics available for the realization of the Lanyard, as well as a wide range of accessories for its finishing.

Being manufacturers and controlling the entire manufacturing process, we can provide the fastest on the market, being able to make deliveries from the first 24 hours after order confirmation.

Ecological Lanyards

At Faithful, all Lanyards made with shiny satin ribbon are now more sustainable, since the fabric used to manufacture the ribbon is Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester.

Your personalized lanyards

We customize lanyards to offer the best image of your company

We are manufacturers

We offer the best quality/price ratio



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