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More than 25 years of experience

Experts in personnel accreditation products and textile sublimation

At Faithful we are manufacturers and importers of products for personnel accreditation. We offer ecological lanyards, identification bracelets, ID plates, accreditation covers and many other accessories and advertising/promotional items; both for assistant personnel and for contracted personnel and Staff members at events, congresses, private companies and all kinds of organized events.

We are also specialists in textile sublimation, being able to manufacture and/or customize a wide variety of items within the promotional field, in addition to offering digital printing and calendering services for fashion, design and pattern workshops, sport wear, etc. Our machinery allows the customization of fabric already cut, in roll or also of ribbons.

Our history

Since our opening in 1994, at Faithful we have focused on the personal identification article as the foundation of our business.

We began our career in the stationery market as wholesalers for other distribution and intermediary companies. Over the years and the appearance of new gadgets, the personnel identification product gained ground in our offer to end up becoming our workhorse.

Later, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, product customization became a must-follow trend that Faithful did not disappoint when it came to offering its customers. Techniques such as screen printing or pad printing would be options available in the vast majority of our products. But the most important thing at that time was the incorporation of two new and important items, which would be key to our transformation and growth, we are referring to Lanyards and personalized bracelets, since with them we fully became manufacturers and, in addition , pioneers in the promotional item market.

In the mid-2010s, we implemented a personalization technique that we had been working on since its appearance at the end of the 2000s and that we had outsourced until then: textile sublimation for belts. That represented a further advance in the evolution of the company and would mean a new qualitative leap in the offer to our customers. From that moment we strengthened our manufacturer profile and also reinvented ourselves by becoming experts in textile sublimation.

At the beginning of the 2020s, and taking advantage of the experience acquired with sublimation, we decided to expand our offer in digital textile printing and not only focus on customizing belts, but also to be able to do so on large-format textile pieces. With the incorporation of new specific machinery, we offer the possibility of printing textile pieces for different and new markets such as fashion, advertising or sports wear, among others.

Throughout all this time we have evolved to become one of the most influential suppliers of personnel identification items and at the same time to be specialists in textile sublimation. With great influence in the national market, and increasingly in the European one, our more than 25 years of experience support, as well as an extensive portfolio of clients, our commitment and ability to serve each and every one of our jobs.

Our mission


Offer our customers the best service with the greatest variety, product quality and technology, thus making a difference and positioning ourselves as leaders in our sector.



Grow, evolve and adapt to new needs to continue fulfilling our mission, create value and stand out as a trusted supplier.


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